Shriya Garg

CA student, repressed writer, suffers from logophilia
I am a
voracious reader content developer finance stud(ent) lover of words Potterhead CA to-be

I believe in working in interesting companies with interesting people running them. An autodidact, would prefer a challenging atmosphere which gives me a certain autonomy to experiment, and leverage my skills.

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I am a twenty-one year old bibliophile with a penchant for finance and writing. I have created (and abandoned) eight blogs, co-founded, written a book, edited manuscripts for publishing houses, and worked with five interesting startups in my short career. I have dual degrees in finance, and a deferred admit from ISB, Hyderabad. Post-CA, I would be pursuing my MBA in ‘18.

I am also a keen traveller, lover of books and big words, and a happy owner of five cats.

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    I actually started blogging when I was twelve, had my ‘startup’ around the same time, and finished my first novel at thirteen (yes, it was as bad as you think. Probably worse. Oh well, the arrogance of newly anointed teens…), but I was told to write formal experiences here.

  • January, 2015 present
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    Current Job


    Founded, a one stop shop for everything content. Currently, we're serving clients across the world for their varied and domain-specific marketing, branding, and development needs.

  • September, 2015 to present
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    IoFunnel Core Team Member

    Worked in a tight deadline-driven environment to make sure our client targets were reached. Clients were big CEOs in the Silicon Valley (Sandeep Shroff at MyStartUpCFO) whom we helped reach more customers via social selling. Since it was a startup, I handled F&A needs, taxation and compliance, as well as supervised hiring.

  • April, 2015 to September, 2015
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    Price Waterhouse Cooper Assurance Trainee

    In PwC, Gurgaon, I worked full-time as an Assurance Trainee where I worked on statutory audits and limited reviews of major listed companies. Some of the clients included American Express, Swiss major Dorset Kaba Security Systems Private Limited, and a heavy manufacturer equipment company Terex India.

  • April, 2010 to November, 2013
  • brand-logo Founder

    I coded, designed, and wrote content for where our team of 30 worked with all the major and minor publishing houses of the world to get the worthy books noted. We did author promotion, conducted interviews, wrote reviews, organized blog tours and established a forum for writers small and big to connect.

  • January, 2015 to April, 2015
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    Floorwalk Mystery Shopping ServicesFreelance Auditor

    As part of a mystery auditing company, I handled luxury clients like Audi, Porsche and Apple and coordinated mystery audits in their stores pan-India. There were different kinds of audits that needed to be done (in person, web or telecall) that needed hundreds of different mystery shoppers. I was responsible for managing the audits and preparing insight reports to be handed over to the management of the bigwigs for their market research.

  • June, 2013 to March, 2014
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    Teach For IndiaCampaign Leader

    As a campaign leader for Teach for India, I was responsible for identifying high-potential candidates (HPCs) in the campus and motivating them to apply for the Fellowship. I was also the liaison between the TFI recruitment team and my campus. For the same, I organized seminars, conducted promotional events to spread word, and got the TFI team in campus for recruitment.

  • May, 2014 to July, 2014
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    Nsight Consulting ServicesIntern

    At Nsight, I worked on their project Classtica, which was launched as an e-learning platform to rival the likes of Khan Academy and Edx. At Classtica, I worked as an e-learning instructor of Financial Management. As a part of my profile, I was responsible for designing the course curriculum, breaking the subject into chapters and PPTs, designing the PPTs as well as recording the presentations for future viewing.

  • January, 2015 to March, 2015
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    Zocalo.inFreelance Liasoning

    I worked on a freelance basis with, a brokerage-free accommodation listing website, helping them crowd-source their website by engaging Delhi University students. I also helped them build a two-hundred strong intern team to gain traction on the website.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Chartered Accountancy

I have cleared my first two levels of CA-IPCC together in first go with an aggregate of 65% (that is a lot better than it sounds, honest.)

Hans Raj College, Delhi University

Bachelor in Commerce (With Hons)

In College, I juggled extra-curriculars with academics. I was the Vice President of the 800-member strong Commerce Society, which was responsible for organizing the annual festivals, and handling events like freshers and farewell. My transcript did okay too.

Somerville Middle and High School


I did my schooling from a convent school in the middle of nowhere. It’s okay, I feel sorry for me too. Back in school, I tried to juggle academics with extra-curriculars. I ended up being the school head-girl and Chief Editor of school magazine, as well as the school topper in my Class XII board exams, breaking all academic records set thus far.


She is a brilliant and a self-starter intrapreneur who takes ownership of all the work given to her, and delivers more than what's expected. Highly resourceful, quick on her feet, and good with computers, she was a huge help in building relationships and delivering key insights to our clients.

Shriya has strong interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills. Self-motivated and resourceful, she was able to get us key slots for recruitment in her college, and also executed pan-India events under the banner of Redraw India with great professionalism and enthusiasm.

While working for me, Shriya outdid herself with the final results. She worked diligently and handled tight deadlines without stress, and her diction and communication skills was invaluable as a Finance instructor in our project. Out of thirty instructors which had been working for us full-time, this intern was the only one to get a glowing review from the CEO.

  • Sourabh Narsaria
  • CEO, Floorwalk
  • Nandini Sethi
  • Recruitment Manager, Teach for India
  • Parul Gupta
  • Project Manager (finance), Classtica

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